3Phase™ Lift-Front Arc Flash Face Shield

Paulson Manufacturing offers products renowned for their superior protection against arc flash, fire, and other dangerous elements. Our new 3Phase™ lift-front arc flash face shield is a welcomed addition to our ever-expanding catalog of safety products.

NFPA 70E Compliance

NFPA 70E requires the use of a balacalava under an arc flash shield, however, with our new 3Phase™ face shield which offers shrouded and hooded models, users no longer need to worry about wearing a balaclava underneath the shield in order to be compliant. This alone is a huge advantage to the end user.

Additional Features & Benefits

Our innovative 3Phase™ arc flash solution, available in ATPV ratings from 12 to 100 calories, also provides the user with unmatched air ventilation and an easy way to effectively communicate with other teammates while maintaining safety on the job site; simply grip the latch assembly located at the front-center of the shield, and lift the window. To lower the shield, just pull it back down into position.

Another significant innovation this product provides is the shield's highly transparent (HT) lens, part of Paulson's new HT Arc Shield product line. The grey-colored, nanoparticle shield includes an abrasion resistant coating on the front surface and a permanent anti-fog coating on the interior. A large optical window and transparent chin protector allow the user a wide field of view and the ability to check one's footing. The ergonomic design with front and side vents provides ultimate comfort while protecting against electromagnetic radiation, infrared energy, plasma and convected heat, impact, and molten metal splash.

To get your hands on this new and advanced technology from Paulson Manufacturing, reach out to our team, or explore each model further to learn more details!