Structural Fire Goggles - 510-E
Product Details
Material: Silicone frame and elastic strap. Apec lens and polymer alloy components.
Color: Black
Product Weight: 5 ½ oz
Designed to meet the performance specifications of NFPA 1971, 1977, 1951, ANSI Z87.1
A protective goggle designed to specifically address the needs of the fire fighter. Optically correct hard coated outer lens. Baffled top and bottom vents. Elastic strap designed for comfort when worn on the head and may be stowed on the helmet. Strap tension is adjustable while wearing gloves and features the Quick Strap.
The A-TAC is the only known goggle specifically designed for the needs of the fire fighter. Designed to meet the rigid standards of the NFPA 1971,1977,1951 standards. Passes the 500° 5 minute heat exposure test of the standard. Hard-coated outer lens with a superior anti-fog inner surface designed to meet the needs of this specific environment. Fits over most prescription, safety and sun protective spectacles.
Structural fire fighting operations and other emergency operations where there is a threat of fire. Designed to meet ANSI Z87.1 for use where certain physical hazards are likely to be encountered, such as during non-fire-related salvage, rescue operations, emergency medical operations, and victim extraction.
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