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Metalized Face Shields

Metalized Face Shields Metalized Face Shields Metalized Face Shields

The metal industry may have the most underappreciated workers in the U.S., considering the extreme environments that they work in. We all enjoy products made from steel, aluminum, etc. but very few of us actually know what it takes to transform the raw metals into millions of different products used across the world.

Aluminum melts at around 1200° degrees Fahrenheit. Steel at around 2500° Fahrenheit. Titanium at a whopping 3000° degrees Fahrenheit. Proper PPE is crucial to the safety of these mill and foundry workers, and Paulson has been supplying our gold-coated, or metalized, face shields to this industry for decades.

Made with 24k gold, the protective coating is applied to a polycarbonate shield in a vacuum-sealed chamber. A protective hard coating is then applied over the gold coating to minimize scratching to the shield and extend its service life. The gold coating not only blocks the extreme radiant heat from the molten metal, but also reflects the infrared and visible lighting to protect the eyes and enhance vision while working.

Check out this video of Paulson Manufacturing Corp. CEO Roy Paulson discussing the features and benefits of our metalized face shields.

Paulson’s metalized face shields come in a variety of sizes, tints, and configurations, including:

  • Gold coating on clear shields for maximum visibility
  • Gold coating on medium green and dark green shields when extra tint is needed
  • Shields with extra gold coating for the extreme heat circumstances
  • Gold-coated shields with a 2” or 4” tinted strip at eye level to provide extra tint while engaging in the furnace operation, and a clearer view below the strip for better visibility while not engaged in the furnace operation
  • QuickView flip-front shields featuring a clear face shield with a 4” or 6” gold-coated outer shield, which can be either gold on clear or gold on medium green. The QuickView shield optimizes visibility by allowing for a clear view for certain applications, and a gold-coated view for certain high heat applications.
  • Models have universal hole patterns to fit most cap and hat brackets. Headgear-compatible models also available.

There is no question that the brave men and women of the metal industry put their bodies (and many times their lives) on the line to process raw materials that are among the most vital to the global economy. Our metalized face shields have a proven track record of safety, durability, and comfort. Paulson is committed to continuous improvement and innovation to ensure these workers do not have to worry about their safety while they are doing their jobs. For more information on our metalized face shields, click here or Contact Us today.