High Heat Gold Face Shields - S42-GHC6FGRAD2
Product Details
Material: Polycarbonate
Color: Clear/Gold
Product Weight: 8 ounces
ANSI Z87.1+
An Industrial shield measuring 10” x 20” x .060”. Designed with a 2 1/2” Gradient tint strip across the top of the shield. The Gold heat reflective coating is protected with a hard coating to improve service life and the inside of the shield is hard coated to minimize abrasion.
This heat reflective Faceshield combines the advantages of a Gold Coating and a gradient tinting to provide light attenuation at the top and a high visible light transmission across the lower section.
Furnace operations, foundries, etc
Gold with Gradient Tint Visible Light transmission 1.5% nominal Gold on Clear Visible Light Transmission 25% nominal