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3Phase® Lift-Front Arc Flash Face Shield

Paulson Manufacturing Corp. has recently launched its all-new 3Phase® lift-front arc flash face shield. Unlike traditional beekeeper style hoods for arc flash protection, the 3Phase® arc shield allows the user to lift the face shield when outside of the energized zone without removing the entire hood. This allows the user to get fresh air and better communication while remaining in compliance with OSHA and NFPA-70E regulations.

3Phase® 3-D Animation
3Phase® Lift-Front Arc Flash Face Shield.

The advantages of the 3Phase® arc shield go well beyond the lift-front technology. It has a wide range of features and benefits all designed with user safety and comfort in mind. These include:

- Meets NFPA-70E and ANSI Z87+S

- Meets/tested ASTM F2178

- Can be worn with hoods or shrouds

- No balaclava required

- ATPV (Arc Thermal Protection Value) of up to 100 calories/cm2, depending on model

- Toric lens design that reduces internal glare, allows for greater field of vision, and provides a modern profile & unique look

- Ventilation & auditory vents

- Excellent field of view and color recognition with nanoparticle grey color and transparent chin protector

- Premium anti-fog/anti-abrasion coated

- Optional ALM™ (Articulated Light Mount) and flashlight system that is intrinsically safe, pivots vertically and horizontally, and remains in user’s field of vision even when shield is lifted

Check out this video featuring Paulson Manufacturing Corp. CEO Roy Paulson and ArcWear CEO Hugh Hoagland discussing the 3Phase® arc shield.

3Phase® Lift-Front Hood with Hugh Hoagland

Nanoparticle HT™ Lenses

The 3Phase® arc shield features our HT™ lenses that have a grey tint rather than the legacy green tint that has been around for years. We have seen several significant advantages of the HT™ lens, including:

- Nanoparticle additives provide improved energy absorption and arc flash protection

- Scientifically proven improved color recognition

- Improved visibility

- Improved impact

- Long-term outdoor exposure improvement

- Color transmittance curve is similar to the Lambda curve of the human eye

- Single-lens high calorie shields are now possible, up to 40 calories

- Feature an abrasion resistant coating on the front surface and a permanent anti-fog coating on the interior

3Phase® Arc Shield Testing

Paulson contracts with ArcWear to certify our products at Kinetrics Lab in Canada. This third party testing determines the ATPV of the shields through physical arc flash testing and then a statistical analysis to determine the 50% probability of reaching the Stoll Curve. The Stoll Curve is the theoretical point of where the user would receive a 2nd degree burn. All of our 3Phase® arc shield models were tested and performed at levels that did not even approach the Stoll Curve.

3Phase® Arc Shield ALM™

The 3Phase® arc shield is designed to accept our ALM™ and flashlight system. This LED lighting system will match the quality and design of the 3Phase® system. The ALM™ will mount on the sides of the inner frame and will feature the following benefits:

- Intrinsically safe and water resistant flashlight

- Light weight, utilizes 2 AAA batteries

- Adjusts up and down and side to side

- Can accept a light on left or right side or mount two lights for addition lighting

- The lights will not move when the shield is raised or lowered

Advancement in technology has allowed us to offer protection in ways not previously possible. The 3Phase® lift-front arc flash face shield is the next-generation of arc flash compliance and comfort, and Paulson Manufacturing Corp. is proud to be on the cutting-edge of innovation in the industry. For more information, please Contact Us.