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January 2015 - Product Highlight
The update to the 1910.269 standard has many important changes that will affect the Utilities across the country. The notable changes to the standard have been summarized by e-hazard and published at the following link.

The definitions associated with the ergonomic analysis of worker safety, positioning and Arc Flash protection are particularly notable as defined within the update. The identification of the angles of the work to the position of the worker identified the potential of Arc Flash at various angles. These identified Arc Flash potential positions were utilized in the development of the new AmpShield™ product line. You will note the unique Chin Protector utilized for the AmpShield, it is specifically designed to allow maximum vision through the Chin Protector and yet protect from Arc Flash with the same material as is used in the Window of the AmpShield.

OSHA 1910.269
“A beekeeper-type hood likely would interfere with peripheral vision. However, as noted earlier, employers can achieve similar protection with a face shield and balaclava combination, which should not interfere with an employee’s peripheral vision”.

Paulson Mfg has created the AmpShield line with models that fit slotted caps, non-slotted caps and full brim hats. The ATPV ratings range from 10 Calories to 20 Calories per cm squared as defined and tested to the ASTM 2178 testing protocol. It should be noted that the ATPV ratings are for all values up to the maximum rating of the product. A 20 calorie ATPV is for all levels from zero up to the 20 calorie rating.