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The updated OSHA 1910.269 regulation continues to be a hot topic in the Public Utilities industry. For the first time, the final rule has identified the suggested useful life of Arc Flash protective face shields..

In multiple locations within the final rule the useful life has been identified as 2 years for Face Shields. While the estimated life expectancy is not a requirement to replace at 2 years it does identify the need to replace these items on a scheduled basis. The useful life statement also will carry weight during OSHA site inspections of the issued PPE.

OSHA 1910.269
“Based on publicly available information from vendors of electrical protective equipment, OSHA estimates that a face shield costs $86.50 (with a useful life of 2 years), and that head protection such as a balaclava costs $29.75 (with a useful life of 2 years) [11, 12]”.

The Paulson Arc Shields all come with instruction sheets with each product. Within the instructions, the cleaning, maintenance and replacement of windows or components are described. Arc Flash Shields should be replaced when scratched, damaged or exposed to an Arc Flash event. These shields are designed to absorb the Arc Flash energy and this will degrade upon this exposure. The photo below shows model AMP-10-RW. This 10 Calorie ATPV shield fits all of the AmpShield kits and see the video on the Paulson website that demonstrates how to change the window.

Arc Shield