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Body Shields are a standard requirement for Riot Control here in the US and around the world. The use of Body Shields ranges from a small skirmish to days of mass protests. The Paulson Body Shield line has been designed with the user in mind, a large comfortable grip handle, reversible strap and grip for right or left handed operation, smooth edges to prevent cuts, thick foam padding and a quick release strap all add to the convenience of the product.

Paulson Mfg builds body shields in a large range of sizes and thickness. The reason for the diverse line of product is because of the many different applications that the product is used. The local police force has different requirements than the Military, and we supply body shields to all of these applications.

Features and Benefits of the Paulson Body Shield line:
1. Ergonomic Design
2. Multiple Label Designs available POLICE, SHERIFF, etc
3. UV protected Materials
4. Range of Thicknesses available
5. High Optical Quality
6. Baton Holder option
7. Available storage bags

The Body Shields are typically shipped in a disassembled condition, with the instructions included with each unit. The shields can be assembled for right or left handed operation. The fasteners are pre-coated with a thread locking compound and no additional thread locking compound should be used.

Please see the Paulson Mfg web site for the details associated with each model that is available. We also have a video that explains the different models and the features and benefits of each model.

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