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Capture shields are a unique design that is used to safely capture a person in the standing against a wall or to hold someone down when on the ground. There are two large handles on the convex side of the product and the handles are large enough that two hands can be used on each handle. This allows the over-powering force of two officers to capture the person. Should the product be used to capture a person on the ground the officers may also safely kneel on the shield to place additional downward force.

Paulson Mfg builds Capture Shields in a range of sizes and thickness. The sizes are varied due to the different circumstances of use. The capture shield for use in the Prison yard is different than what is used for Cell Extraction.

Features and Benefits of the Paulson Capture Shield line:
1. Ergonomic Design
2. Multiple Label Designs available POLICE, SHERIFF, etc
3. UV protected Materials
4. Range of Thicknesses available
5. High Optical Quality
6. Available storage bags

The Capture Shields are typically shipped in a disassembled condition, with the instructions included with each unit. The fasteners are pre-coated with a thread locking compound and no additional thread locking compound should be used.

Please see the Paulson Mfg web site for the details associated with each model that is available. We also have a video that explains the different models and the features and benefits of each model.

Capture Shield Capture Shield Capture Shield Capture Shield