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Product Highlight
High Heat Windows
The Paulson High Heat windows product line is manufactured of Polycarbonate. This material is ideal for extreme high and low temperatures. Should the temperatures of the specific application exceed the capacity of the high heat window product line, see the Paulson Metalized Window product line. Tints are also available for the high heat windows. The tint level adjusts the glare to a comfortable level for the worker.

Features and benefits
1. All High Heat Windows are made from Polycarbonate.
2. Windows are available in various sizes to provide protection from work related hazards.
3. Thicker Windows are available to provide addition heat resistance.
4. Universal attachments pattern for use on a wide variety of cap bracket, hat brackets and headgear.
5. Various tints are available to match the window to the glare level.
6. High Impact protection levels due to the Polycarbonate material performance.

The applications for the High Heat Window product line include; Steel Mills, Casting Facilities, Glass plants and all high temperature applications.
Note: Polycarbonate material is not recommended for petrochemical contact. See the Paulson High Performance Window product line for petrochemical applications.
*All windows are shown attached to a Paulson headgear or bracket (sold separately)

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