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Product Highlight
High Performance Windows
The Paulson High Performance Window Product Line is made from Injection Molded Propionate Material. This material is an excellent choice for most industrial safety applications. Propionate is very chemical resistant and it is noted for durability and clarity. These windows have a universal attachment pattern to fit a wide variety of headgear, cap and hat brackets.

Features and benefits
1. All Paulson High Performance Windows are injection molded Propionate Material.
2. High Performance Windows are available in clear and tinted versions.
3. Windows manufactured from Propionate have excellent chemical resistance. This is the recommended product for petrochemical applications.
4. Universal attachments pattern for use on a wide variety of cap bracket, hat brackets and headgear.
5. A selection of window sizes provide options to match the window protective area to the application.
6. All of the High Performance Windows include a molded in safety bead at the edge of the window.

The applications for the High Performance product line include; General Industrial Safety, Chemical Splash and Petrochemical applications.
Note: For High heat applications see the Paulson High Heat Window product line made from Polycarbonate.
Note: For welding applications see the Paulson Welding Shield Product Line.
*All windows shown on a Paulson headgear or bracket (not included)

High Performance Windows Paulson High Performance Windows
High Performance Windows Paulson Paulson High Performance Windows
High Performance Windows Paulson High Performance Windows