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Product Highlight “Knee Shields”
The Paulson Knee Shield performs many additional functions as compared to the typical Knee Pads. The Knee Shields not only protect the knee they also help to stabilize the knee. The articulating feature of the Knee Shield assures that the knee is protected above and below the joint. The lower portion of the Knee Shield included a molded foam insert for comfort and stabilization of the knee. There are multiple options for color, strap design and replaceable wear pads. The straps allow the end user to secure the Knee Shield by attaching the straps horizontally or in a crisscross pattern.

The Features and Benefits of the Knee Shields include:
1. Protection above and below the knee
2. Knee Stabilization
3. Articulated design
4. Comfortable in all positions
5. Replaceable wear pads
6. Replaceable Straps
7. Choice of Rubber or Elastic Straps
8. Hard Shell design to protect against penetration
9. Closed top prevents entry of dirt, rocks and sparks from welding
10. Washable and long wearing

The Knee Shield is also available in Tactical and Police Versions. These all black units provide protection in Riot Control and Jail Cell Extraction. See these models in the Paulson Tactical Products section on the Web site.

Please review the Videos for the Knee Shields in the Industrial Products and Tactical Products sections of the Paulson Web Site.

Shield Shield
Shield Shield
Shield Shield