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Product Highlight “Metalized Windows”
The Metalized Heat Reflective Window product line was developed to protect workers from high radiant heat applications. These windows are vacuum metalized with a transparent layer of Gold and then over-coated with an abrasion resistant coating of Silicone. The Metalized windows may include a base color to achieve a tinted combination with the Gold Coating. The tinting in the window adjusts the Visible Light Transmittance to match the glare reduction requirements of the application.

The Features and Benefits of the Metalized Window product line include:
1. Large protection area and broad field of view
2. Gold Coatings to provide high heat rejection with excellent Visible Light Transmittance.
3. Abrasion resistance coating protects the Gold surface.
4. Polycarbonate base material
5. Multiple levels of tinting available for the base material
6. Gradient Tints available, dark on the top and clear below for specialized applications.
7. Universal attachment pattern, to fit Headgear, Cap and Hat Brackets.

Applications include Steel Mills, Casting Facilities, Glass Manufacturing, Industrial Ovens, etc. The universal attachment pattern allows the use of these windows on a broad variety of headgear, cap and hat brackets, fits plastic and aluminum frames.

Please see the Paulson web site for the Topics Video on Metalized Windows in the Industrial Products Video section.

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