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Arc Flash Protection

Across all types of industrial sectors, various work-related hazards put employees at risk of injury and even death. To help mitigate these risks and reliably protect workers while keeping operations running smoothly, it’s critical to make use of trusted safety equipment and protective gear.

In the industrial electrical industry, in particular, arc flashes present serious hazards to workers. At Paulson Manufacturing Corp., we’ve developed high-quality, custom-crafted arc flash face shields and arc flash helmets to provide the best possible protection in these high-risk situations.

What Is An Arc Fault?

An arc fault is a type of electrical explosion, or discharge, characterized by extreme force and energy (arc blast) as well as high temperature and brightness (arc flash). These explosions are instantaneous, violent, and incredibly costly, often causing millions of dollars' worth of damage.

Essentially “short circuits” through the air, arc flashes are the result of low-impedance connections from the air to the ground or a certain voltage phase in an electrical system. With enough energy, arcs can continue to develop, increasing in temperature until the host system melts, evaporates, or trips entirely.

While there are various methods available for controlling and preventing arc flash incidents, their effects, listed below, can be disastrous.

  • Extreme heat, with temperatures reaching thousands of degrees Fahrenheit
  • Explosions of molten metal and plasma
  • Vaporizing conditions that affect buildings, objects, and people
  • Destruction of equipment
  • Fire and electrical burns
  • Injury to employees and bystanders, including permanent damage to vision and nerves

Arc Flash Safety Equipment

Electrical work requires highly trained, skilled professionals, and it's our goal at Paulson to provide equipment that allows these hard workers to do their jobs safely and confidently.

A critical part of any electrical safety equipment kit, our protective gear includes high-performance AmpShield kits for both slotted and non-slotted caps, as well as full-brim helmets, replacement parts for existing setups, and premium kits for the toughest jobs.

Our arc-rated face shields are made from a patented blend of dyes and nanoparticles embedded in a high-grade polycarbonate matrix, and our products feature premium coatings that offer permanent anti-fog and abrasion resistance for daily protection and enhanced performance.

Our safety gear is also crafted to meet OSHA NFPA 70E, which provides critical guidelines for high-risk environments and job-site dangers such as arc flashes.

Arc Flash Face Shields and Helmets from Paulson

For over 60 years, Paulson has been manufacturing top-of-the-line safety solutions for the electrical industry, protecting workers and keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently. To learn more about our products and discuss how our arc flash PPE (personal protective equipment) can help safeguard your workers, reach out the team today.

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Arc Flash Face Shields