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HT™ Face Shield Technology

When dealing with extreme thermal energy, the importance of arc flash protection can’t be overstated. Failure to provide staff with appropriate gear not only puts workers in danger of life-threatening burns, it also results in extra downtime and lost profit. Luckily, various cutting-edge products are available to help protect workers from common arc flash hazards and prevent injuries.

When selecting face shields, in particular, it’s critical to choose ones that are dielectric and nonconductive. Paulson’s HT™ Face Shield options meet both of these requirements and provide highly reliable shielding in dangerous arc flash scenarios. Below are some of the key features and benefits of these innovative face shields.

The Advantages of HT™ Face Shields

The HT™ is also unique in that the shields feature a grey tint, as opposed to the standard green. The grey color provides excellent visibility with scientifically proven color recognition. The grey also allows for longer-term outdoor exposure than green, as the color curve was specifically engineered to match the lambda curve of the human eye.

Mimicking the eyes’ ability to perceive color, these protective shields allow for improved color recognition, visibility, and ligHT™ transmittance. They also have a higher impact rating than the green models. Additionally, thanks to the advanced nanotechnology we use in production, single-lens high-calorie shields are now available as well. We are confident this new grey tint will soon take over the market, and we’re proud to be ahead of the curve.

The HT™ shields are available in three different product categories, as outlined below.

3Phase® Lift-Front Arc Flash Face Shields

Paulson’s 3Phase® arc flash face shields eliminate the need to wear a balaclava underneath them; both the shrouded and hooded models allows users to remain NFPA 70E compliant. They are available in ATPV ratings from 12 to 100 calories, and allow for easy communication with others on the job site — keeping workers better informed of all processes and, in turn, preventing injuries and accidents. Simply by grasping the latch assembly located at the front-center of the shield and lifting the window, workers can easily talk to each other.

Our 3Phase® face shields feature a toric lens design that reduces internal glare and allows for a greater field of vision while providing a modern profile and unique look. They can be used with hoods or shrouds, and have enhanced ventilation and auditory vents.

On these shields, helmet inserts provide Velcro patches, allowing users to easily attach the shroud inside the helmet. There is also Velcro across the bottom or the top of the inner frame for attaching the hood. The hood does not interfere in any way with peripheral vision, function of the lift-front action of the shield, or ventilation.

The grey-colored HT™ lens has a nanoparticle shield, which includes an abrasion-resistant coating on the front surface and a permanent anti-fog coating on the interior. There is also a large window and transparent chin protector so one can easily check their footing while working. The unmatched air ventilation through the front and side vents allows for optimal comfort while also protecting against electromagnetic radiation, infrared energy, plasma and convected heat, impact, and molten metal splash.

AmpShield® Arc Flash Face Shield Kits

These kits are available in ATPV ratings from 12 and 20 calories. Models are available for slotted caps, non-slotted caps, and full-brim hats. These face shields are ergonomically designed and feature a LeverLock® attachment system for easy window replacement. Small-profile or standard-sized transparent chin protectors allow for excellent downward visibility.

Arc Flash Face Shields With Velcro for Hoods

These shields are available in ATPV ratings of 25, 40, 75, and 100 calories. Single-lens 40-calorie shields are also available.

Innovators in Arc Flash Protection Technologies

The team at Paulson Manufacturing is proud to provide industry-leading arc flash face shields to protect workers and keep operations running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Our unique designs and cutting-edge grey tints provide the comfort, safety, and protection needed for any demanding job.

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