shot-show-2020-paulson-manufacturingIt’s that time of year again. The holidays are over, everyone is ready to start attacking 2020, and the NSSF® SHOT Show® in Las Vegas is about to kick off! This annual event is the largest trade show in the world for target shooting, hunting, outdoor and law enforcement products. In it’s 42nd year, and 11th year straight at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, the Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Tradeshow (SHOT Show®) will be taking place from January 21 – 24, 2020.

Owned and sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the SHOT Show® will feature:

  • Over 60,000 attending industry professionals from the firearms and outdoor industries, as well as military & law enforcement professionals
  • More than 1,600 exhibiting companies (over 2,400 when including the Suppliers Showcase and the Pop-Up Preview)
  • Over 692,000 net square feet of exhibit space—equivalent to nearly 16 acres

Attendance to SHOT Show® is restricted to the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade, and commercial buyers and sellers of military, law enforcement and tactical products & services only. The show is not open to the public, and no one under age 16 is admitted.

As always, Paulson Mfg. will attend SHOT Show® this year. Though we will not be exhibiting, we will be interfacing with many of our valuable customers and getting critical feedback on their needs in terms of product innovation and protection. This feedback is vital to our commitment to continuous improvement research & development.

With that said, a hot topic of discussion for us at this year’s SHOT Show® will revolve around our upcoming riot face shield w/ laser protective visor. As we’ve seen in recent years, particularly in the 2019 protests in Hong Kong, protesters and rioters are using laser pointers as weapons against tactical officers. Not only can this seriously damage the officers’ eyes, but it can disorient and incapacitate them while trying to keep the peace. Paulson Mfg. has a solution currently in development that will solve this problem. Using our DK6 Riot Face Shield, which is by far our best-selling line of riot face shields, we are designing a flip-front visor to attach to the outside of the DK6. While in the deployed position, the flip-front visor will block all major types of laser pointers, including red, green, blue and infrared light. The visor will allow the officer to see red, green, blue and infrared laser beams and identify where it’s coming from while protecting their eyes from any of the damaging or disorienting effects. We hope to have this great new product innovation available before summer of 2020, so stay tuned!

Another topic of discussion at SHOT Show® will be our recently launched Level IIIA Ballistic Transparent Handheld Shield. Certified by HP White Laboratory, Inc. and capable of stopping 5 rounds point blank from a .44 Magnum or .9 mm, the shield allows for perfect visibility while offering maximum protection. With dimensions of 12 x 24”, the shield is compact enough to be operated with one hand, allowing the other hand to be free to use a firearm. Ideal for forced entry, SWAT and other special operations, this shield offers the protection that tactical operators need while allowing the visibility to see their surroundings and any perpetrators they might be engaged with. Already in production, this shield is readily available and will be specially discounted for any orders placed during SHOT Show®!

Paulson Mfg. has been making high quality tactical PPE for law enforcement & military for decades. Whether it’s our riot face shields, handheld body shields or tactical goggles, we’ve been on the cutting edge of providing a level of protection to tactical operators that is second to none.

The Paulson Mfg. team will be walking the show from Tuesday 1/22/20Thursday 1/24/20.

Contact Us today to set an appointment to discuss your tactical PPE needs. Hope to see you there!

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