Every day, medical professionals work in close proximity with individuals who are sick or injured. To protect themselves and others from the transmission of infectious viruses and bacteria, they use a variety of personal protection equipment (PPE) such as our Paulson IDC Snap System. Medical PPE is a form of infectious disease control that protects the wearer’s eyes, mouth, nose, and skin from exposure to potentially harmful pathogens. It includes protective eyewear, face shields, gloves, and masks. In the fight against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, it is more important than ever to have reliable and easy-to-use PPE available to medical professionals on the front lines.

At Paulson Manufacturing, we are dedicated to providing quality protective gear in a variety of designs and materials for use by medical professionals in a range of applications. Our products are manufactured to meet the highest industry standards for both quality and reliability—our customers know they can depend on our products for protection for both medical professionals and their patients.

What Is the IDC Snap System Face Shield?

With the surge of patients in medical facilities during the COVID-19 crisis, medical professionals need reliable PPE that is safe and easy to use. Paulson’s IDC Snap System face shield is a two-part polyethylene headband with a transparent polycarbonate shield that can easily be snapped into place for quick and efficient assembly, disassembly and cleaning.Paulson snap system


Key Advantages of IDC Snap System Face Shield

In the medical field, it is important for front line workers to be thoroughly protected from any source of infection. PPE should be well fitted, easy to adjust, and composed of materials that can be cleaned and sanitized easily. Paulson’s IDC Snap System face shield offers a number of unique advantages over other more traditional PPE designs.

  • Enhanced Protection: Our IDC face shield protects medical professionals against splashes, particle contaminants, and bloodborne pathogens.
  • Reusable Face Shield: Each polycarbonate protective face shield can be reused an estimated ten times before it must be replaced. Our kits are shipped with one headband and 25 easy-to-replace face shields. Extra shields & headbands are available as standalone items.
  • Easy Sanitization: The polycarbonate material is easy to clean using warm water and mild dish soap and can be sanitized with isopropyl alcohol 91%.
  • Cost Savings: Paulson’s easily sanitized and reusable IDC face shields give medical professionals an estimated 90% cost savings when compared with the cost of traditional disposable face shields.
  • Simplified Shipping: Our IDC protective shields are designed to be shipped flat, for more compact packaging and easier delivery.
  • Quick and Easy Assembly: The unique snap system design makes our IDC face shields easy to assemble within seconds for reliable PPE that is readily available in the event of an emergency.
  • One Size Fits All: Our snap system is specifically designed for easy adjustment, so it will fit heads of every size without a hassle. Not only does this ensure that the shield is comfortable and safe for all users, it eliminates the problem of PPE size shortages.

Common Applications for IDC Snap System Face Shield

Medical PPE is specifically designed to protect medical professionals and patients from the spread of infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria. Since pathogens can spread through multiple pathways, including eyes, paulson snap systemnose, mouth, and skin, it is important that protective equipment guard these vulnerable areas. IDC snap systems ensure that these vulnerable areas are protected, thereby allowing healthcare workers to assist patients safely. Not only does PPE protect the wearer from contracting disease, it helps prevent further person-to-person spread. Medical PPE is commonly used in medical settings, including:

  • Hospitals and Emergency Rooms
  • First Response Teams
  • Critical Care Wards
  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Dental


Reliable IDC Snap System Face Shields by Paulson Manufacturing

Paulson Manufacturing works tirelessly to provide safe and dependable medical PPE for our medical professionals on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. Our IDC Snap System face shields have been designed to help healthcare workers protect themselves and their patients from the spread of even highly contagious pathogens such as coronavirus. The easy-to-use design and reusable system is engineered to provide a safer, more cost effective alternative to traditional PPE face shields. For more information on our new IDC Snap System design, contact our experts today.


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