3Phase® Lift-Front Arc Flash Face Shield

Arc flash face shields have advanced greatly over the years, allowing for enhanced safety, visibility, and user comfort. Paulson’s new 3Phase® lift-front arc flash face shields keep safety as the top priority while also providing better visibility and heightened color recognition.

In the past, our green-tinted shields provided arc flash protection. The green tint was a byproduct of the infrared light protection technology. Green dyes in the shield absorbed the harmful rays of an arc flash. With darker shields came better protection — but this also meant lower visibility and limited color recognition. These green colored shields are quickly becoming outdated, as technology has improved greatly since then. Paulson Manufacturing is proud to lead the way in these new advancements.

Our technology supports our arc flash face shields, and does so with minimal interference to the eye’s natural perception of wavelengths. This range of wavelengths within the electromagnetic spectrum is what the human eye sees as visible light.

3Phase® Face Shield Technology

Traditional arc flash face shields also required the use of a balaclava under the shield when used in low-calorie operations — but Paulson’s latest 3Phase® arc flash face shields do not require the balaclava. Our 3Phase® face shields are available in shrouded and hooded models, with protection ranging from 12 to 100 calories. Users no longer need to worry about wearing a bulky, hot balaclava in order to remain NFPA 70E compliant and do not have to deal with any distracting green tint.

Other key benefits include:

  • Easy lift-front face shield — The 3Phase® allows for shield-free visibility (outside the hazard area) as needed, thanks to the lift-front face shield and balaclava-free style
  • HTTM lens — This technology allows our grey nanoparticle shields to have the best visibility and color recognition from Paulson Manufacturing
  • Ergonomic design — The unique overall design, including the transparent chin guard and wider lens, offers optimal optical visibility
  • Vents — Front and side vents provide increased comfort to the user, as well as enhanced auditory capabilities
  • Anti-fog capabilities — Users benefit from a permanent anti-fog coating on the inside, and an abrasion-resistant coating on the outside of the arc shield
  • Protection — Our shields offer protection from electromagnetic radiation, infrared energy, plasma, and convected heat. These models also offer impact- and molten-metal splash protection
  • NFPA 70E and ANSI Z87.1 compliance

Paulson products ensure optimal safety and reliable arc flash protection while still allowing for user convenience and comfort. Our 3Phase® lift-front face shields offer a revolutionary combination of protection and comfort, and we’re proud to help industry professionals navigate complex, hazardous industry demands.

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