At Paulson, we’ve been leading the industry in the design and manufacture of hazardous-work safety gear since 1947. Our face and eye protection equipment help professionals perform safely and confidently in a wide range of industrial applications.

We offer a range of safety solutions in a variety of industrial applications, including high-heat, high impact, molten metal, chemical splash, and gas cutting & welding.


For industrial professionals, the face and eyes are often the most under-protected and overexposed parts of the body. Eyes are particularly sensitive to the debris, sparks, smoke, chemicals, and other hazards of industrial work, and require extra attention and protection.

Paulson’s ANSI Z87.1-certified face shields provide reliability and comfort. Our catalog of industrial face shields includes:

  • Protective face shields in a wide variety of configurations, sizes and protective coatings
  • Metalized face shields for mills & foundries
  • QuickView™ flip-front face shields for optimal visibility in severe industrial applications
  • High-temperature and high impact face shields
  • Chemical splash face shields

Paulson’s ANSI Z87.1-certified industrial goggles are designed with carefully crafted comfort features and are available in a wide range of high-performance materials, styles, and lens types, including:

  • Optically correct injection-molded lenses for the gas welding and chemical splash applications
  • High-impact performance
  • Custom polymer alloy components and polycarbonate lenses
  • Superior anti-abrasion & anti-fog coatings
  • Lexan lenses with chemical splash resistance
  • Protective baffled top and bottom vented designs
  • Easily adjustable straps for comfortable wear on the head or mounting on a helmet
  • Fits over most prescription glasses

Other industrial PPE from Paulson includes:

  • Headgear & cap/hat brackets
  • Sun shields
  • Knee shields

ANSI Z87.1 Performance Specifications

Our industrial line is specifically designed to meet the requirements set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for personal Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices, ANSI Z87.1, as well as specific performance standards for temperature, chemical, and impact performance as per industry requirements.

ANSI Z87.1 helps ensure that professional protective eye equipment can withstand impact, liquid splash exposures, dust, particles, and other dangerous job conditions. ANSI Z87.1 also requires a rigorous product testing system that includes:

  • Durability testing for flammability, chemical exposure, and corrosion
  • Essential physical impact and high-impact resistance testing for both lenses and frames

Industrial Personal Protection Equipment From Paulson

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