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What are Optically Correct Lenses?

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Among the most critical pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE), face shields and protective eyewear stand out as crucial safeguards against a wide variety of industrial hazards. However, not all protective gear is created equal. Within the realm of eye and face protection, the concept of optical correctness plays a pivotal role in ensuring both […]

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Understanding ANSI Z87.1: Primary vs. Secondary Eye Protection

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In industrial work environments, safeguarding one’s vision is critical to overall worker safety. ANSI Z87.1, the national safety standard for personal eye and face protection devices, delineates crucial distinctions between primary and secondary eye protection. Understanding the difference between the two is pivotal for both workers and safety professionals to ensure comprehensive eye safety protocols. […]

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Comparing Three Types of Arc Flash Protective Hoods for Electrical Workers

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Electrical workers understand that when it comes to face and eye protection, selecting the appropriate protective gear is crucial in safeguarding against hazardous electrical incidents. Among the various components of personal protective equipment (PPE), arc flash hoods play a pivotal role in shielding workers from the intense heat, radiant energy, and potential debris generated during […]

Dark Tinted vs. Shaded Face Shields: What is the Difference?

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A dark tinted face shield and a face shield with a shade rating for IR (infrared) protection are both types of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to shield the wearer’s face and eyes from various hazards, but they serve different purposes and offer distinct levels of protection. A dark tinted face shield is primarily used […]

An Introduction to the NIJ 0104.02 Standard for Tactical Helmets & Face Shields

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Law enforcement officers face all sorts of potential on-the-job hazards. The fact is, to keep the public safe, officers often put their own physical well-being at risk. In a riot or civil disturbance situation, any number of personal injuries can occur. It’s critical that officers in these situations have personal protective equipment (PPE) that offers […]

An Introduction to Firefighter PPE Safety Requirements in NFPA 1971, 1977 and 1951

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Firefighting is a dangerous profession, and firefighters require specialized protective gear to keep themselves safe while responding to emergencies. To ensure that firefighters are as safe as possible while performing their duties, safety standards have been developed to regulate the design, performance, and testing of personal protective equipment (PPE). These standards are developed and maintained […]