Since 1947, Paulson has been leading the industry in the manufacturing of safety products. Our innovative tactical safety products are specifically designed to support police and military teams in forced-entry and riot-control operations.

Every piece of Paulson safety gear is designed with ultimate reliability and quality in mind, and our tactical PPE meets rigorous national, international and military requirements.

tactical-PPETactical professionals regularly encounter dangerous, high-impact, and hazardous situations — it’s the nature of their work. So whether being used in tactical deployments, rescue operations, victim extractions, forced entries, or emergency medical operations, tactical equipment must be able to withstand the toughest environmental hazards.

Our NIJ 0104.02-certified tactical face shields and safety gear are designed for comfort, superior optics, and the highest degree of protection. Features include:

  • Low-profile designs with high-impact performance
  • Face shields available for most combat helmet styles, including PASGT, ACH, MICH, and helmets with rail systems
  • Premium anti-abrasion/anti-fog coatings to extend the service life of the shield
  • Models with a V-50 rating for fragmentation
  • Optically correct for optimal visibility

Our tactical goggles are designed to provide comfortable, reliable protection, with features including:

  • Low-profile designs with high-impact performance
  • Self-healing hard-coated anti-fog lenses
  • Optically correct lenses
  • UV protection
  • Anti-fog design for reliably clear vision
  • 360° ventilation
  • Compatibility with helmets, night vision, and other riot gear
  • Lens coatings to withstand sand, rock, smoke, chemicals, particulate matter, impact, and splashing
  • Dual-lens designs for superior clarity of vision
  • Triple-lens designs to prevent crack propagation and increase fragment protection with a central fragmentation lens
  • ANSI Z87.1 Performance and Military Specifications
  • ANSI Z87.1 Performance and Military Specifications

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) creates uniform testing standards and guidelines for products, systems, and equipment in nearly every business sector. ANSI Z87.1, the standard for personal Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices, helps ensure that protective eye equipment performs under impact and liquid splash exposures, as well as withstand dust, particles, and other hazardous conditions.

To earn the ANSI Z87.1 specification, the following types of testing must be conducted:

  • Durability testing with exposure to flammables, chemical effects, and corrosion
  • Impact testing (both basic and high) for lenses and frames

To meet Military Ballistic Standards or APEL certification, equipment must be capable of meeting higher-impact, increased functionality, and additional comfort requirements. Military goggles must also offer environmental stability, disinfecting and chemical resistance, and intense-fragmentation safety.

Tactical Goggles and Personal Protection Equipment from Paulson

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