Our In-House Capabilities

At Paulson Manufacturing Corp., we’ve been producing the most reliable, comfortable, and innovative protective gear since 1947. By manufacturing our products in the United States under a strict quality control program, we’ve become the trusted source for eye and face protection among first responders and industrial workers. Our goal, as ever, is to go beyond industry quality and safety standards for a proactive approach to preventative safety.

What Do We Do Best?

We manage all phases of production in-house, and our extensive capabilities allow us to design and manufacture tactical gear, arc flash safety gear, firefighter and industrial safety gear, and infectious disease control gear that exceeds industry standards and your expectations.

Design Engineering

By following a problem-solving process, our engineers find solutions that meet your objectives and constraints via prototyping, testing, and evaluation.

Material Science

By customizing materials in-house, we can create safety products uniquely suited to specific situations. Materials engineering takes information from materials science and adapts it to meet the needs of a particular project.



The speed, accuracy, and repeatability of a manufacturing process all depend on the quality of the tooling. Poor tooling can cost you time, money, and endless hassles. At Paulson Manufacturing, we specialize in high-quality tooling, including:

  • Jigs
  • Fixtures
  • Cutting tools
  • Dies
  • Welding equipment
  • Inspection fixtures

Plastic Injection Molding

With injection mold tooling that is all designed and built in-house, we offer our clients the benefits of consistent quality and faster delivery times. This simple, effective process requires little additional processing, making it a time-effective way to make exceptional safety equipment for firefighters and industrial workers.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Using a variety of operations, including drilling, turning, milling, and more, the CNC machine removes material to create the desired shape via instructions fed through a computer. This allows for the creation of complex 3D products that could not be produced manually. At Paulson, our in-house, state-of-the-art CNC machinery allows us more control and flexibility over the design and quality of the final product. These benefits are passed on to our customers, as they can expect a consistently high-quality product.


Nanotechnology is the science and engineering of particles less than 100 nanometers in diameter. This is what allows us to customize a material with unique characteristics that enhance its performance. Our in-house nanotechnology capabilities give us the ability to make quick adjustments to designs and formulations based on changing demands. For example, we were able to easily adjust the tint formulation for our arc shields to offer better color recognition using nanoparticles.

Lab and Testing

Lab and Testing

The only way to know for sure if a product can exceed performance expectations and compliance standards is to test it. We measure the performance, safety, and quality of our products against industry regulations in the country where they will be sold, and we inspect each item to ensure it meets your specifications and our workmanship standards.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

At Paulson, we adhere to ISO 9001 standards to ensure the highest quality products. ISO standards are the international standards for a quality management system. PPE is critical to the safety of workers in many industries. As an ISO 9001-certified company, our customers can rely on the quality and consistency of our products and services, knowing that the PPE they receive will provide enhanced protection and adhere to industry standards.

Global Market Expertise

With years of experience in the global market, Paulson Manufacturing has demonstrated an ability to pivot with changing times and circumstances, adapt to current economic conditions, and prepare for what may lie ahead. Our competitive edge over foreign competitors is enhanced by our team of dedicated designers, engineers, and technicians and our commitment to growth and innovation.

Why Should You Choose Paulson Manufacturing?

The first step in any project is understanding your needs. Our consultation process is collaborative and tailored to meet the needs of your application to protect your workers from hazards and integrate new solutions seamlessly with your existing safety practices. We’ve worked with clients in countless industries, including electrical, medical, military, industrial, and more, to develop PPE that’s both reliable and comfortable. Our team is driven by the knowledge that our work saves lives, and we’re committed to providing the highest quality solutions offering optimal protection.
Paulson Manufacturing is based in Temecula, California, and we manufacture all our products here in the United States under ISO 9001 guidelines. No matter what type of face or eye protection you require, we’ll handle the entire production process in-house to save you time, money, and hassle. Contact us to learn more or request a quote today.