paulson-tactical-ppePaulson Manufacturing is a leading provider of high quality, dependable safety products for industrial workers & first responders that surpass today’s most rigorous safety standards. We strive to offer superior PPE gear that’s specifically engineered for dangerous, front line electrical and industrial services.

With over 70 years of experience in the industry, we’ve built a legacy in designing and building top quality PPE solutions that have earned the trust and confidence of countless workers in the field today.

PPE may not always be chosen based on a specific industry standard, however. Specific applications may have specific needs, and it is important to choose a manufacturer that can help you customize a solution that is perfect for your intended use. Offering a variety of custom made protective products including face shields and goggles, Paulson can create the ideal solution to meet your team’s protective equipment needs.

Raising the Bar in Worker Safety and Comfort

Over the past few decades, our diverse product line has evolved in response to the needs and requests of our customers to offer maximum protection from arc flashes, extreme heat, high impact, molten metal, plasma, energy discharge, chemical splash, and vaporizing conditions. Whether the solution is standard or custom-built for a specific purpose, PPE used in high-performance applications begins with experienced designers and quality manufacturing processes. A PPE manufacturer must be more than just a supplier—they must be an innovator.

High-risk situations, such as arc flash protection or riot control, require custom-crafted solutions that enable skilled operators to do their job with both safety and efficiency in mind. Our core safety products are complemented by a variety of accessories to enhance the reliability and efficacy of our products.

International Certification and Testing

paulson-arc-flash-ppeOur personal protective equipment represents years of research and development, applying a rigorous quality control program that ensures that all of our PPE products comply with applicable regulations. However, we don’t just follow these regulatory standards for business purposes. Our customers rely on us to meet and exceed safety regulations, helping them to ensure that their employees can do the job safely and effectively. Industry standards are merely a foundation that we build on as part of our dedication to a lean safety culture proactively focused on preventative safety measures.

We take a consultative approach to assisting our customers, focusing on understanding their needs in order to develop solutions specifically tailored to protect their workers from workplace hazards and integrate with existing safety practices. Without participation from your staff, even the best PPE won’t be enough, so it’s important that your staff is trained on the importance of all relevant safety procedures and policies that contribute to a safe working environment. To do our part, we design and fabricate our equipment to be easy to use, comfortable, and as durable as possible to encourage your employees to use it whenever necessary.

We’ve helped countless industries, from electrical to military, develop PPE that offers optimal protection and longevity for their staff. We take pride in our work and believe that our focus on quality is vital to saving lives.

Optimal PPE Solutions for High-risk Environments

Our team at Paulson Manufacturing develops, manufactures, and distributes protective equipment to customers worldwide. All of our products are tested and certified according to the latest U.S. and international standards.

We are a single source provider, equipped to handle virtually any production run and geared for prototyping, machining, injection molding, coatings, tooling, and R&D.

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