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What are Optically Correct Lenses?

Among the most critical pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE), face shields and protective eyewear stand out as crucial safeguards against a wide variety of industrial hazards. However, not all protective gear is created equal. Within the realm of eye and face protection, the concept of optical correctness plays a pivotal role in ensuring both […]

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Understanding ANSI Z87.1: Primary vs. Secondary Eye Protection

In industrial work environments, safeguarding one’s vision is critical to overall worker safety. ANSI Z87.1, the national safety standard for personal eye and face protection devices, delineates crucial distinctions between primary and secondary eye protection. Understanding the difference between the two is pivotal for both workers and safety professionals to ensure comprehensive eye safety protocols. […]


Understanding the Different Types of Plastics Used for Face Shields & Goggles

In the world of industrial safety, face and eye protection are critical. When it comes to selecting the right face shield or goggles, the performance of the transparent plastic material needs to be taken into consideration. Factors such as resistance to high (or low) temperature, impact, and chemical splash hazards are all important considerations. When […]

An Intro to the ANSI Z87.1 Safety Standard for Face & Eye Protection

In the dynamic landscape of industrial workplaces, the importance of prioritizing safety cannot be overstated. Among the myriad safety standards that govern protective equipment, ANSI Z87.1 stands out as a cornerstone for face and eye protection. In this blog, we’ll delve into some of the safety requirements of the ANSI Z87.1 standard, aiming to empower […]

Dark Tinted vs. Shaded Face Shields: What is the Difference?

A dark tinted face shield and a face shield with a shade rating for IR (infrared) protection are both types of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to shield the wearer’s face and eyes from various hazards, but they serve different purposes and offer distinct levels of protection. A dark tinted face shield is primarily used […]

Cobalt Blue Face Shields for Molten Metal Applications: Protect Your Eyes from the “Sodium Line”

Mill & foundry workers of the molten metal industry face no shortage of potential on-the-job hazards, not the least of which is extreme radiant & infrared heat emitting from the molten materials. Common PPE in steel and other types of mills include aluminized suits & gloves, hardhats, and heat reflective face shields. In addition to […]

Toric Face Shields: 6 Advantages Over Cylindrical Face Shields

A face shield will come in different shapes and designs depending on the application in which it’s being used and the manufacturer that makes it. Most face shields for industrial use have historically had a cylindrical curve in which the surface of the shield has a curve that is parallel to the wearer’s face. However, […]

The Paulson Rundown: Face Shield Attachment Systems 101

When it comes to face shields for industrial use, there are two basic components to the overall assembly – the window and the attachment system. The window is the transparent shield that provides the actual face & eye protection, with things like color and material depending on the application. The attachment system will be one […]

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New Weight-Compensating Face Shields for Climbing-Style Safety Helmets

In recent years, climbing-style safety helmets have become increasingly popular in the United States for use in industrial applications due to their more modern, less cumbersome design. These types of safety helmets feature lower profiles, advanced membrane systems and chin straps for increased protection, are more suitable for working in confined spaces, and offer better […]

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Investment in Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) will vary greatly on the specific job, type of protection needed, and any applicable safety regulations. Some of the more common types of PPE include hardhats, gloves, safety glasses, face shields & masks, protective suits & hoods, and ear plugs. In many cases, PPE is often considered to be a last […]