Paulson Manufacturing to Host Arc Fest During the NSC 2019 Expo

From all of us at Paulson Manufacturing: we are excited to announce that—during the 2019 National Safety Council Congress & Expo—we will be hosting Arc Fest!

This private, invite-only event is scheduled for 4 PM to 8 PM on September 10th at the Encore Room in the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego. The night will consist of appetizers, an open bar, and hourly prize drawings wit

h the highlight being a discussion led by Hugh Hoagland (CEO of ArcWear) on a topic that is near and dear to our hearts—arc flash safety.

What Is the NSC?

The National Safety Council (NSC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating preventable deaths through research, education, leadership, and advocacy. For over a century, the NSC has sought to use data-driven action to prevent injuries in the workplace, in the community, on the road, and at home. In particular, they focus on opioid usage, driving, automotive innovations, adolescent safety, worker safety, and fatigue. Additionally, they hold an annual safety conference to further spread awareness of their mission.

The NSC 2019 Congress & Expo will be held September 9th through the 11th in San Diego. As the world’s largest annual safety event, this conference offers safety, health, and environmental professionals networking opportunities and the education and tools they need to stay at the top of their fields. There will be dozens of professional development seminars on the subject of workplace safety, with session topics ranging from human behavior and safety to drug issues at work.

Why Arc Flash Safety?

arc-flash-ppeAcross industry, employees are at risk of injury or death due to a number of different work-related hazards. To minimize these risks, facility managers should invest in reliable, high-quality safety equipment.

Within the electrical industry, arc flash poses a serious risk to workers. An arc flash results from an arc fault—i.e., an electrical explosion or discharge that produces enormous amounts of force and energy, high temperatures, and intense light. The latter is known as an arc flash. When a

ny of these conditions occur, it can lead to substantial damage to equipment and facilities and significant injury to workers, including burns, nerve damage, or vision loss.

At Paulson Manufacturing, we understand the importance of offering reliable safety and protection products. To protect workers in high-risk electrical situations, our team crafts high-quality arc flash protective gear, including face shields, goggles, balaclavas, and accessories.

By hosting Arc Fest during the 2019 NSC Congress & Expo, we hope to spread awareness of the risks of arc flash and the available safety and protection solutions. We are excited to offer an engaging evening of enlightening conversation with peers and Hugh Hoagland and hope to see you all there!



Why Arc Flash Protection is a Must for Your Workforce

In the United States, roughly 2,000 individuals per year check in to burn centers as a result of arc flash injuries. 80% of these burn center visits are due to clothing fires, and the remaining 20% are to treat burns on bare skin. All—or at least, nearly all—of these injuries could have been avoided through the proper use of arc flash protection.

Work environments must promote employee safety, and facility managers should mitigate hazards as best as they can. If every electrical worker wears proper arc-rated PPE, the statistics above would shrink considerably. Electrical work requires highly trained and skilled professionals, and taking the steps to ensure that these individuals can be confident in their safety as they go about their jobs will make them even more effective.

What Is Arc Flash?

In order to understand arc flash, you must first understand arc faults. Arc faults are electrical discharges (explosions) characterized by two factors:

  • Extreme force and energy, referred to as arc blasts
  • High levels of temperature and brightness, referred to as arc flashes

Arc flash occurs when multiple electrical conductors with significant fault currents flowing through them are placed close together. This often results in instantaneous, violent, and costly explosions. Many arc faults cause millions of dollars worth of damage. Arc flashes, in particular, introduce several dangerous elements to workplaces, such as:

  • Pressure waves
  • High or sudden acoustic energy
  • Extreme thermal energy
  • Intense light

Many welders assume that using low-voltage equipment cuts down on the chances of arc flash. However, this is not the case. In fact, arc flash hazard levels may be higher at low voltages because of the high fault currents associated with operating in these conditions. The majority of incidents that occur within low-voltage systems can be traced back to human error.

Why Do You Need Arc Flash Protection?

Arc flash protection is critically important to preserving the safety of workers and bystanders. Arc flashes can induce a range of harmful effects on welders, including burns, blindness, electrocution, and ear damage. These flashes create extreme levels of heat, sometimes with temperatures exceeding thousands of degrees Fahrenheit. Molten metal and plasma may be ejected from the force of an explosion.

In many cases, arc flashes can completely destroy equipment and cause wider damage to facilities. Fires and short circuits are common problems associated with arc flashes, and employees and bystanders are at risk for violent injuries. Some individuals walk away from arc flashes with permanent damage to their vision and nerves. In other cases, flashes have even been known to create vaporizing conditions that impact buildings, objects, and people.

Arc Flash Protective Equipment

Having proper arc flash protection equipment in place is critical to preserving facility and employee safety. Safety gear should always meet governmental and third-party guidelines like OSHA and NFPA 70E.

The basic arc flash protection equipment that any facility should have on hand includes:

Safety glasses

  • Should be worn at all levels of electrical work

Ear protection

  • Required at all PPE category levels
  • Specific to ear inserts
  • Muff protection is not adequate, because arc blasts can strip these elements

Head protection

  • Nonconductive
  • Hard hats with ventilation penetration often aren’t rated for voltage and should be avoided

Hand protection

  • Heavy-duty leather gloves up to Category 2
  • AR gloves for Categories 3 and 4
  • Voltage-rated gloves with leather protectors are ideal

Safety shoes

  • Leather or non-exposed steel-tipped boots

Working With Paulson

For more than 60 years, Paulson has manufactured top-of-the-line safety solutions for the electrical industry. Our products help protect workers and keep operations at countless facilities running smoothly. We’ve worked hard to develop high-quality, custom-crafted arc flash face shields and helmets in order to provide the best possible equipment for welders across America. We craft all our safety gear to meet OSHA and NFPA 70E standards.

contact us today using this quick reference form to learn more about our products and personal protective equipment.

The Importance of Innovation in Personal Protective Equipment

As scientific and technological advances continue to improve manufacturing processes, it is important to remember that personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety training need to match the speed of these exciting developments. Although many new tools and methods have been introduced into the manufacturing industry over the past several years, human employees continue to be the most valuable resources on hand – and workers need to be safe in day to day operations.

When selecting a PPE manufacturer, it is critical to prioritize workplace safety above all else. Along with that, an ideal producer of protective equipment should also be at the forefront of product innovation.

The Benefits of Innovation

There are myriad advantages to selecting a provider that prioritizes innovation in the development and fabrication of PPE. Here are just a few:

  • Whether you innovate or not, your competitors certainly will. If you stay on the cutting edge of technology with the products and equipment you purchase for your operation, you will keep your company viable in a fierce market – and potentially even push ahead of the competition.
  • The safety of your employees should be the foundation of your business plan. You need to make it apparent to your employees that their safety is your number one priority. Investing in innovative personal protective equipment demonstrates just that.
  • As employees become more comfortable and confident in their safety in the workplace, productivity will increase and turnover will decrease.
  • Staying up to date on the latest developments in PPE technology will reduce on the job injuries, and also decrease insurance rates.

There are many benefits to PPE product innovation, both for your workers and for your company as a whole.

Advancements in PPE

Safety is always in demand. As such, PPE manufacturers strive to improve their products so that workers in hazardous fields can mitigate the various dangers of their operations. The following are just a sampling of advancements that have been made over the past several years:

  1. Comfort, flexibility, and productivity

Over the years, manufacturers have worked to make jumpsuits and other PPE more comfortable and less restrictive. Smarter designs now account for the comfort of workers and allow greater freedom of movement, enabling employees to be at their most productive throughout the day.

  1. High-visibility

At many companies, high-visibility clothing for most workers consists of a loose-fitting neon safety vest. However, loose clothing is not always appropriate in manufacturing settings. The risk of getting tangled or caught in live equipment is a cause for concern. Because of this, many manufacturers have incorporated high-visibility colors into their designs for overalls, T-shirts, jumpsuits, and other PPE products.

  1. Improved eye protection

Eye protection must do more than ward off projectiles. New eye protection solutions create a seal made of foam around the eyeglass frames to prevent particles of dust or other contaminants from getting near the eyes. It is also important that eye protection equipment does not interfere with the movements or vision of the wearer. For instance, anti-fog technology is a huge advantage for workers who need a clear field of vision.

How to Implement Innovation into Your Application

There are four basic ways that you can begin to implement PPE product innovation into your company’s day to day operations. These are:

  1. Examine how your company sources PPE. If the quality of your PPE equipment is sub-par, then a change of materials or a change of vendors should be seriously considered.
  2. Closely inspecting your current safety processes can yield insights into flaws and inefficiencies in the system. As you audit safety procedures, you can look for ways to streamline safety methods, cut costs, and increase production speed.
  3. Leadership must take an active, ongoing interest in introducing and overseeing safety initiatives. All too often companies become set in their ways when it comes to safety processes. However, management is responsible for staying informed on the latest advances in safety technology and methodology, and subsequently implementing new processes into daily operations.
  4. New technology allows companies to overhaul their current manufacturing processes, and change over to newer, safer, and more efficient systems.

Working with Paulson

At Paulson Manufacturing, we offer a wide range of advantages to customers seeking a PPE provider. These include:

  • In-house manufacturing and testing
  • Production/testing all conducted in North America
  • Custom design and engineering solutions that incorporate client’s brand and performance requirements
  • All products designed to exceed NFPA e70 compliance standards for PPE

For more information about selecting PPE that provides optimal protection and performance, contact us or give us a call at 847-855-9200. For more information on sourcing a manufacturer for your PPE solutions, download our free eBook, “6 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Optimal PPE Manufacturer.”

Unmatched Protection for Firefighters on The Front Lines

Firefighters rely on a wide range of personal protective equipment to do their job safely and effectively, including proper eyewear. Without appropriate safety goggles, firefighters can be blinded by smoke during crucial moments, or suffer eye damage from debris or heat exposure. To avoid these risks, goggles must meet the stringent manufacturing standards put forth by the NFPA, ANSI, and other government and regulatory bodies before they are deemed suitable for use by firefighters.

Ensuring proper eye protection is vital in protecting the eyes of those who protect us. At Paulson Manufacturing, we are proud to be a long-time manufacturer of quality safety gear for firefighters.

Essential Equipment

While many occupations come with serious safety concerns, firefighters face dozens of workplace dangers each and every day. In addition to the obvious physical risks of fighting fires, eye hazards are commonplace for firefighters as they respond to automobile accidents, provide emergency medical assistance to patients, and more.

Wearing proper safety equipment is crucial in any high-risk occupation, but especially for firefighters who risk life, limb, and eyesight each time the alarm sounds. Aside from the intense heat produced by fires, firefighters encounter a multitude of irritants, infections, and projectiles which cause serious personal injury, such as:

  • Smoke and ash
  • Wood chips or debris from chainsaws
  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Flying glass, plastic and metal during vehicle extrication
  • HAZMAT exposure

Types of Goggles

Proper protective gear reduces the chance for injury on the job. Paulson Manufacturing has a wide variety of fire goggles, face shields, and accessories which comply with NFPA regulations and standards to adequately protect firefighters without inhibiting their performance.

A-Tac Firefighter Structural Series

Paulson’s A-Tac Firefighter Structural goggles include six different models designed for firefighters which meet all NFPA 1971,1977, 1951 performance specifications, as well as ANSI Z87.1 standards. Capable of withstanding 500° F for more than five minutes, these goggles feature a fog-resistant inner layer and a hard-coated outer lens. With an extensive lineup of parts and accessories, A-Tac Firefighter Structural Series goggles provide total functionality for all structural fire situations.

A-Tac Firefighter Wildland Series

Meeting the strict requirements of NFPA 1977 and ANSI Z87.1 standards, the Wildland goggle series from Paulson is specifically designed to meet the needs of the woodland firefighter. These goggles pass 350° F heat exposure tests and display anti-fog features on the inner lens, as well as a hard-coated outer lens. Again, a plethora of parts and accessories, including protective mylar, replacement straps, and shields make these a versatile tool for any firefighter tasked with battling wildfires or other open-air fires.

Face Shields and IDC Goggles

Designed for the EMT and first responder, Paulson Manufacturing also provides protective gear to defend firefighters and EMTS from exposure to pathogens and infectious diseases. Inexpensive and disposable, these products help prevent contact from splashing, smoke, and airborne particulate matter.

Trust in Paulson

At Paulson Manufacturing, nothing is more important to us than your trust, reliance, and confidence. As such, we strive to provide the highest quality safety and protective gear to safeguard our emergency services personnel and help saves lives.

To learn more about how the expert staff at Paulson Manufacturing can help protect your firefighters, please contact us today.

The Leading Arc Flash Face Shield for Optimal Worker Safety

When Paulson Manufacturing Corp. launched the AmpShield® in 2015, our goal was to provide a premium product that was safer and more comfortable than other Category 2 arc shields in the marketplace. We feel we accomplished that goal, as the AmpShield® with its premium coatings and transparent chin protector is still the most durable and offers the best field of vision of all Category 2 arc shields in the industry.

Fast-forward to today, and the AmpShield® is raising the bar yet again with its new nanoparticle HT™ grey tint. It offers all the same benefits as the original AmpShield®, but the new grey tint offers enhanced visibility and color recognition. This is extremely helpful while the user is looking at electrical wires with different colors.


The advantages of the HT™ AmpShield® arc shield go well beyond the grey tint. It has a wide range of features and benefits all designed with user safety and comfort in mind. These include:

  • Meets NFPA-70E and ANSI Z87+S
  • Meets/tested ASTM F2178
  • ATPV (Arc Thermal Protection Value) of 12 or 20 calories/cm2, depending on model
  • Models for slotted caps, non-slotted caps, and full-brim helmets
  • Excellent field of view and color recognition with nanoparticle grey color and transparent chin protector
  • Premium anti-fog/anti-abrasion coated
  • 12-calorie model with standard coating and small-profile chin protector available
  • LeverLock® attachment system for easy window replacement


Check out this video featuring Paulson Manufacturing Corp. CEO Roy Paulson and ArcWear CEO Hugh Hoagland discussing the HT™ AmpShield®.