A face shield will come in different shapes and designs depending on the application in which it’s being used and the manufacturer that makes it. Most face shields for industrial use have historically had a cylindrical curve in which the surface of the shield has a curve that is parallel to the wearer’s face. However, in more recent years, toric shaped face shields, which have a curved surface that follows the shape of the face, have become more popular. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the advantages of toric face shields versus those with a cylindrical design, and why the demand for toric shields will continue to grow over the coming years.

Toric AmpShield

Advantage #1: Better Protection

A toric-shaped face shield provides better protection as it covers the face more snugly than a cylindrical one. The curvature of the toric shape helps to prevent particles from entering around the edges of the shield. The toric shields made by Paulson feature an integrated chin protector, which is shaped and sized with ergonomics in mind. The chin protector is transparent, allowing for downward visibility and minimizing blind spots.

Advantage #2: Increased Comfort

A toric-shaped face shield provides increased comfort for the wearer by reducing the need for constant adjustments, which can be distracting and lead to the shield getting dirty. A comfortable face shield also encourages the wearer to keep it on for longer periods, improving overall protection.

Toric Shade 5 Green Shield

Advantage #3: Clearer Vision

The curvature of a toric-shaped face shield can help to reduce glare and distortion, leading to clearer vision. This is especially important in tasks that require a high level of precision, such as electrical safety.

Advantage #4: Enhanced Style

Toric-shaped face shields are more modern and aesthetically pleasing, making them more appealing and fashionable than cylindrical shields. This can help to improve compliance among wearers, especially in settings where face shields are worn for extended periods.

Advantage #5: Lower Profile Fit

Since it conforms to the shape of the face, a toric-shaped face shield will be lower profile than a cylindrical shield, which is ideal for work in confined spaces or while climbing poles/ladders. A toric shield will also have a lower profile while in the stowed position above the worker’s head, which helps in reducing the weight imbalance of the shield felt by the worker.

Advantage #6: Higher Likelihood of Compliance

At the end of the day, driving a culture of safety and compliance is the top priority for safety managers. Workers will be more likely to wear their PPE when the PPE is comfortable, more modern, and less bulky. Toric-shaped face shields help drive compliance for those who might not otherwise be inclined to wear their face shield.

Paulson has been developing world-class face & eye protection since 1947. Over the years, we’ve become experts in producing some of the highest quality face shields in the world for a variety of applications. This includes face shields that protect against hazards from electrical arc flash, radiant infrared heat, UV and infrared light, chemical splash, and debris/impact.

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