• Next-Gen Toric Arc Flash Face Shields

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    Next-Gen Toric Arc Flash Face Shields

    Get a glimpse of Paulson's line of next-gen toric arc flash face shields for electrical workers.

  • 12-cal Arc Flash Goggles

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    12-cal Arc Flash Goggles

    Learn about our new arc flash goggles, now with HT™ nanoparticle grey lens.

  • Arc Flash PPE

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    Next-Gen Arc Flash PPE

    Get a glimpse of Paulson's arc flash PPE line for electrical workers.

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  • Metalized Heat Reflective Face Shields

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    Next-Gen Mill & Foundry PPE

    Get a glimpse of Paulson's heat reflective PPE line for mill & foundry workers.

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Our mission is to provide the benefits of protection and safety to our customers — our business’ lifeline. We attain this mission by manufacturing the highest quality and most reliable safety protective gear in the industry. We seek our customers’ trust, reliance and confidence. We want to be their first choice for the all-important task of protecting eyes and lives.

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Dark Tinted vs. Shaded Face Shields: What is the Difference?

A dark tinted face shield and a face shield with a shade rating for IR (infrared) protection are both types of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to shield the wearer’s face and eyes from various hazards, but they serve different purposes and offer distinct levels of protection. A dark tinted face shield is primarily used

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An Introduction to the NIJ 0104.02 Standard for Tactical Helmets & Face Shields

Law enforcement officers face all sorts of potential on-the-job hazards. The fact is, to keep the public safe, officers often put their own physical well-being at risk. In a riot or civil disturbance situation, any number of personal injuries can occur. It’s critical that officers in these situations have personal protective equipment (PPE) that offers

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Cobalt Blue Face Shields for Molten Metal Applications: Protect Your Eyes from the “Sodium Line”

Mill & foundry workers of the molten metal industry face no shortage of potential on-the-job hazards, not the least of which is extreme radiant & infrared heat emitting from the molten materials. Common PPE in steel and other types of mills include aluminized suits & gloves, hardhats, and heat reflective face shields. In addition to

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