• Cleaning and Sanitizing Your PPE

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    Cleaning and Sanitizing Your PPE

    CEO Roy Paulson demonstrates how to wash and sanitize our polycarbonate face shields to keep them clean and help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

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  • Arc Flash PPE

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    Next-Gen Arc Flash PPE

    Get a glimpse of some of the latest and greatest in arc flash safety from Paulson Manufacturing.

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  • Paulson Nanoparticle Arc Shields

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    Paulson HTTM Nanoparticle Arc Shields

    This video explains how Paulson Mfg. utilizes a proprietary nanoparticle formula to implement into our arc flash face shields and lenses.

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  • High Heat Reflective Shield Overview Video

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    Heat Reflective Face Shields for Mill & Foundry Workers

    Learn about the technology behind our heat reflective face shields used by mill & foundry workers in extreme heat environments.

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About Paulson Manufacturing

Our mission is to provide the benefits of protection and safety to our customers — our business’ lifeline. We attain this mission by manufacturing the highest quality and most reliable safety protective gear in the industry. We seek our customers’ trust, reliance and confidence. We want to be their first choice for the all-important task of protecting eyes and lives.

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Gore-Tex Paulson

GORE-TEX Professional Fabrics & Paulson Mfg.: Leaders in Arc Flash Safety

Part 1 of 3: Electrical PPE Market Overview When it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE) for electrical workers, GORE-TEX Professional Fabrics and Paulson Mfg. are two leading manufacturers that are synonymous with innovation, quality, and above all, a world-class level of protection. Arc rated GORE® PYRAD® fabrics and Paulson arc rated face shields and

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Upcoming Events

As we enter our busy trade show season, we wanted to keep you up to date on some upcoming events that will be taking place over the course of the next month.   ASSP Safety 2021 | Austin Convention Center | Austin, TX Monday, September 13 – Wednesday, September 15, 2021 Safety 2021, put on

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plastic injection molding

Intro to Plastic Injection Molding

Many industries use injection molding to produce their parts and products. The process enables them to create components of various shapes and sizes in high quantities (i.e., thousands or millions of pieces) quickly, consistently, and cost-effectively. While it can be used with a variety of other materials (e.g., glass, metal, and rubber), it is most

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