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    Next-Gen Toric Arc Flash Face Shields

    Get a glimpse of Paulson's line of next-gen toric arc flash face shields for electrical workers.

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  • 12-cal Arc Flash Goggles

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    12-cal Arc Flash Goggles

    Learn about our new arc flash goggles, now with HT™ nanoparticle grey lens.

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  • Toric Face Shields for KASK® Safety Helmets

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    Toric Face Shields for KASK® Safety Helmets

    Learn about our full line of toric face shields, now compatible with KASK® safety helmets.

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  • Metalized Heat Reflective Face Shields

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    Next-Gen Mill & Foundry PPE

    Get a glimpse of Paulson's heat reflective PPE line for mill & foundry workers.

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Our mission is to provide the benefits of protection and safety to our customers — our business’ lifeline. We attain this mission by manufacturing the highest quality and most reliable safety protective gear in the industry. We seek our customers’ trust, reliance and confidence. We want to be their first choice for the all-important task of protecting eyes and lives.

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Aspheric Lens

What are Optically Correct Lenses?

Among the most critical pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE), face shields and protective eyewear stand out as crucial safeguards against a wide variety of industrial hazards. However, not all protective gear is created equal. Within the realm of eye and face protection, the concept of optical correctness plays a pivotal role in ensuring both

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Studson Blog Image

Understanding ANSI Z87.1: Primary vs. Secondary Eye Protection

In industrial work environments, safeguarding one’s vision is critical to overall worker safety. ANSI Z87.1, the national safety standard for personal eye and face protection devices, delineates crucial distinctions between primary and secondary eye protection. Understanding the difference between the two is pivotal for both workers and safety professionals to ensure comprehensive eye safety protocols.

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Hood Comparison Blog Thumbnail

Comparing Three Types of Arc Flash Protective Hoods for Electrical Workers

Electrical workers understand that when it comes to face and eye protection, selecting the appropriate protective gear is crucial in safeguarding against hazardous electrical incidents. Among the various components of personal protective equipment (PPE), arc flash hoods play a pivotal role in shielding workers from the intense heat, radiant energy, and potential debris generated during

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