• Cleaning and Sanitizing Your PPE

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    Cleaning and Sanitizing Your PPE

    CEO Roy Paulson demonstrates how to wash and sanitize our polycarbonate face shields to keep them clean and help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

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  • Arc Flash PPE

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    Next-Gen Arc Flash PPE

    Get a glimpse of some of the latest and greatest in arc flash safety from Paulson Manufacturing.

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  • Paulson Nanoparticle Arc Shields

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    Paulson HTTM Nanoparticle Arc Shields

    This video explains how Paulson Mfg. utilizes a proprietary nanoparticle formula to implement into our arc flash face shields and lenses.

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  • Heat Reflective Face Shield Model S72-L4HR

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    Aluminized Heat Reflective Face Shield

    CEO Roy Paulson discusses the features & benefits of our S72-L4HR aluminized heat reflective face shield.

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About Paulson Manufacturing

Our mission is to provide the benefits of protection and safety to our customers — our business’ lifeline. We attain this mission by manufacturing the highest quality and most reliable safety protective gear in the industry. We seek our customers’ trust, reliance and confidence. We want to be their first choice for the all-important task of protecting eyes and lives.

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heat protection

Radiant Heat Protection for Mill & Foundry Workers

Mill and foundry workers cast molten metal into shapes by melting the metal into a liquid, pouring the metal in a mold, and removing the molded material after the metal has solidified. The most common metals processed are aluminum and cast iron. This process involves an extreme amount of radiant heat, and it is critical

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What is Nanotechnology and Why is it Utilized in our Arc Shields?

Despite being relatively new, nanotechnology has advanced quickly over the last few decades, thanks to dedicated research by the National Nanotechnology Initiative. Products enhanced by nanoparticles, like scratch-proof glasses and self-cleaning glass, are being used in healthcare, materials science, transportation, and more, and these exciting innovations are only the beginning of what is possible. At

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riot shields

The Paulson Rundown: Riot Shields 101

  When it comes to occupational hazards, some are more severe than others. For law enforcement officers, a riot situation is certainly one of the more severe hazards they face on the job, and it is imperative that they have proper PPE to protect themselves with. For riot control, this typically includes riot suits with

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