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When it comes to occupational hazards, some are more severe than others. For law enforcement officers, a riot situation is certainly one of the more severe hazards they face on the job, and it is imperative that they have proper PPE to protect themselves with. For riot control, this typically includes riot suits with light body armor, helmets with face shields, handheld riot shields, gloves, knee shields and goggles.

There are various types of handheld riot shields on the market, including opaque (non-transparent) shields, interlocking shields that can be connected to other officers’ shields, and fully transparent shields, usually made of a durable plastic like polycarbonate. Most riot shields in use today have a rectangular shape, although smaller round riot shields are not uncommon.

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Riot Body Shields from Paulson Mfg.

Paulson Mfg. has been making riot shields for decades. Our riot shields provide protection from a wide variety of weapons and projectiles while providing superior optics from the transparent polycarbonate material. Ranging in thickness from 1/8” to 1/4″, our shields are designed to withstand impact from blunt force and projectiles. In fact, our 1/4″ models are V-50 rated for fragmentation.


Other features of our riot shields include:

  • Durable polycarbonate shields with formed radius & ergonomic features
  • Optically correct transparent view with minimal distortion
  • Dielectric handle and break-away strap to prevent electrical pass-through
  • Handle & strap can be reversed for right or left-handed use
  • Rectangular models available in dimensions of 20 x 36” or 24 x 48”
  • Round model available with 24” diameter for enhanced mobility
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Capture Shields

While our riot body shields are designed for riot control situations, usually in an open space like streets and city blocks, our capture shields are designed for use in a correctional or institutional setting. Our capture shields feature a concave curve, as opposed to a convex curve on our body shields. This feature assists during cell extraction, as the officer can use the capture shield to restrain an unruly inmate against a wall or floor of a cell. Also, while the body shield is designed for single handed use to allow the officer to wield a baton in the free hand, the capture shield features two solid handles meant for one officer to use with both hands. When extra holding power is needed, two officers can each grab a handle with both hands at the same time.

capture shield

While You Serve,  We Protect

Paulson Mfg. has been a trusted provider of PPE for law enforcement and military for decades. We understand that these products will be used in very hazardous situations where the threat of personal injury (or worse) is very real. Our handheld riot shields are made from the highest quality materials right here in the U.S. and are a direct result of feedback from the field that drives our innovation. We are proud to serve the men and women of law enforcement and the military with quality products they can depend on.

For more information on Paulson’s riot control PPE, please contact us today!

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