Despite being relatively new, nanotechnology has advanced quickly over the last few decades, thanks to dedicated research by the National Nanotechnology Initiative. Products enhanced by nanoparticles, like scratch-proof glasses and self-cleaning glass, are being used in healthcare, materials science, transportation, and more, and these exciting innovations are only the beginning of what is possible.


At Paulson Manufacturing, we are proud to apply nanoparticle technology to our face shields for visual clarity and reliable protection in even the most challenging and hazardous work environments.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanoparticles are ultra-fine particles that are less than 100 nanometers in diameter, and nanotechnology is the science and engineering of these tiny particles. It is a science that has numerous applications across industries and scientific disciplines, from physics and biology to engineering and materials science. Through extensive study and careful manipulation of these particles, researchers have developed specialized nanomaterials with unique properties that make them especially suited for specific applications.

What are Some Key Benefits of Utilizing Nanotechnology?

By altering a material’s structure at this level, the material can be customized with the characteristics that will help it perform optimally in a specific application. These are just a few of the qualities that can be changed or enhanced:

  • Strength
  • Weight
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Chemical reactivity
  • Filtration ability

The possibilities are endless. Nanotechnology is being used to create stain- and wrinkle-resistant fabrics, lightweight body armor, self-cleaning and anti-fog glass, water-repellent surfaces, more resilient sporting equipment, new fuel sources, efficient air purifiers, energy-saving and pollution-reducing catalysts, wear-resistant coatings for automobile components, more powerful household cleaners, dirt-resistant paint, and much more.

Nanotechnology Integrated into Paulson Face Shields

At Paulson Manufacturing, we have integrated a proprietary nanoparticle formulation into our arc flash face shields to absorb black-body radiation while allowing high visible light transmission and color perception to ensure vision is not compromised. Our nanoparticle-enhanced arc flash PPE is also designed for the following:

  • UV Light Resistance: The nanoparticles resist UV light and will not degrade over time. The shields are anti-fog and abrasion resistant, as well.
  • Evenly Distributed Absorbers: With even distribution of nanoparticles across the polycarbonate matrix, the Paulson arc shield ensures maximum absorption of dangerous radiation at all points on the shield.
  • Enhanced Reliability: While coatings and films are susceptible to scratching and abrasion that limits their protective ability, nanoparticles are much more resistant to daily wear and tear. They retain their ability to block arc flash radiation over time.

Nanotechnology offers industry-changing advancements and opportunities, and Paulson Manufacturing is proud to lead the way by integrating this technology into our arc flash PPE to create a safer, more reliable solution for those who depend on their PPE every day. We are committed to staying on top of changing technology and trends to ensure we are offering the best protection possible, and we look forward to future innovations in nanotechnology.

Since 1947, Paulson Manufacturing has been providing comfortable, high-quality face shields, goggles, and other protection for arc flash, industrial, tactical, firefighter, and infectious disease safety. Our products are manufactured in the United States under ISO-9001 guidelines, and we handle the entire production process in-house to help you save time, money, and hassle. Contact us to learn more about arc flash PPE, nanotechnology, and how we’re utilizing nanoparticles to create better safety solutions for workers everywhere.

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