Choosing a provider for your tactical and riot gear, specifically your personal protective equipment (PPE) is an important decision with critical implications for safety and performance. At Paulson, we are an industry leader in designing and manufacturing face shields and related tactical gear products to protect first responders in hazardous situations including riots. We’ve achieved this status through continual improvement informed by customer input to develop the highest quality, best-performing PPE solutions, all made right here in the U.S.

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Choose Quality PPE That Exceeds National Standards

Naturally, the key factor in tactical PPE is safety, and that is our most fundamental commitment. To ensure we provide the safest possible equipment, every product in our tactical line of PPE is designed and produced to exceed the most rigorous national, international, and military standards. To do so, we:

  • Utilize domestic material sources to ensure the high quality and consistency we embrace throughout our process.
  • Employ the highest safety standards to minimize any risk of workplace injuries.
  • Maintain intense quality control throughout every stage of production with our vertically integrated facility.

General Tactical Gear Features

Our tactical gear is designed for the ultimate in safety, functionality, and comfort. Some tactical gear features include:

  • Impact-resistant, heat-resistant polycarbonate material.
  • Anti-abrasion and anti-fog coatings to ensure clear visibility.
  • Injection-molded face shields to meet your precise shape specifications.

Our tactical gear is also designed to tolerate fragmentation with a V50 ballistic performance rating.

Tactical Body Shield Features

The body shields we produce are designed to offer superior comfort and functionality while maintaining the highest degree of protection. Tactical body shield features include:

  • Shield edges are smooth to limit abrasion.
  • Body shields are designed with foam padding to improve grip in all weather conditions.
  • Right-handed and left-handed options for ease of use and enhanced protection.

Our riot-specific designs are also configured to offer exceptional protection to both users and rioters.

Optics Features

Maintaining a clear line of vision is critical in hazardous situations, and our superior optics offer the greatest degree of clear visibility and safety. Features include:

  • Optical correction to minimize distortion caused by curvature.
  • Protective coatings to ensure consistent visibility when used in the field.

Our optics meet a variety of standards including those for flammability, impact resistance, light transmission, and shock absorbance (impact attenuation).

Choose a Manufacturer With Agile, Innovative Engineering Solutions

The tactical PPE manufacturer you choose should be a flexible, responsive partner who is able to manufacture products to your specifications, matching your timeline, while meeting or exceeding all relevant industry and safety standards. At Paulson Manufacturing, we offer the following:

  • We maintain rigorous control over the manufacturing process so we can quickly adjust to match specific needs and applications for our PPE products.
  • Our responsive team is fully capable of quickly adjusting our products and practices to offer innovations that accommodate changes in the market.
  • We have the expertise to customize PPE equipment to match your specific requirements and intended use.
  • Our partnering approach means we work closely with you to interpret your needs and apply them to PPE solutions, which will exceed those needs while integrating with your existing practices.

Choose a One-Stop-Shop

Selecting a full-service manufacturer for your tactical PPE gear allows us to pass on to you the benefits of our one-stop production system:

  • With all manufacturing in-house, we deliver greater efficiency and shorter lead-times, which mean increased savings for you.
  • We communicate and resolve issues more quickly and easily, speeding production and allowing more rapid adjustments and responses based on customer feedback.
  • We maintain strict control from design and machining through finishing and assembly, guaranteeing industry-leading products that exceed relevant standards.

With safety on the line, choosing the best possible riot gear and tactical equipment manufacturer is essential. At Paulson, we have the experience and expertise to make superior tactical gear that exceeds the most stringent of standards so you and your team stay safe during riots and other hazardous situations. Our approach means you can rely on our quality, responsiveness, and efficiency. Contact us today to see how we can meet your police riot gear and tactical gear needs and check out our latest ebook: Choosing an Optimal Riot PPE Supplier: 5 Key Factors

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