paulson-firefighter-ppePersonal protective equipment (PPE) finds application across a wide range of industrial occupations and work environments. As employees in these situations are often exposed to hazardous conditions, it is critical to equip them with the proper PPE to minimize the risk of injury or death.

Selecting the right equipment, however, is more complicated than it sounds. Environmental hazards vary drastically between industries and between industrial job sites. Even in the same work environment, employees with different roles experience different working conditions, and, consequently, different hazards.

To account for these variables, we recommend a multi-faceted safety evaluation before making any PPE selection. This process includes a comprehensive assessment of both potential workplace hazards and applicable safety regulations.

Conducting a Hazard Assessment


It’s impossible to protect employees against workplace dangers if you haven’t first identified those dangers. The goal of a hazard assessment is to evaluate what risks are present so you can work toward mitigating them

To conduct a hazard assessment, you should assemble a collaborative team drawn from different departments, including a disinterested party whenever possible. This team will need to work together to define the following for each employee position:

  • What tasks do they perform?
  • What risks and hazards do those tasks pose?

Once you’ve identified every potential source of danger, you’ll then need to decide if and what type of PPE is the right solution to protect employees. Consider if it’s possible to remove or minimize the hazard such as by altering procedures, equipment, or employee schedules. If elimination or minimization is not feasible, you can then move on to the PPE selection process.

Assess Local and National Safety Legislation

While a hazard assessment uncovers most of the information required to choose appropriate PPE, it’s also essential to verify what safety regulations apply to your workplace. In many cases, you’ll be required by law to use or provide particular forms of PPE if you work with certain tasks or materials. 

Your geographic region will determine what regulations you need to follow. In the United States, all companies are bound by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standards. The specific regulations for PPE are outlined in Regulation 1910 Subpart I, which identifies the industry standards for protective equipment such as ANSI/ISEA standards for face and eye protection. 

PPE Offerings from Paulson Manufacturing

paulson-arc-flash-ppeBy the end of the hazard assessment and regulatory standard review processes, you should have identified a specific list of necessary personal protective equipment for your workplace. Once you reach this stage, it’s time to turn to Paulson.

For 70 years, Paulson Manufacturing has served as an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of protective gear, providing protection solutions suitable for use in a wide range of industries. Our product range consists of comfortable, durable face shields and goggles, all of which meet applicable American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements.

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Paulson Manufacturing is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of protective gear, including personal protective equipment (PPE), for use in a wide range of industries.

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