Are your electrical workers protected from the damaging effects of an arc flash? An electrical arc flash is a bright and intense flash of light with corresponding extreme temperatures. An arc blast, a show of extreme energy with an equally dangerous high-pressure force may accompany the arc flash. Both are the result of an electrical discharge into the air called an arc fault. An arc fault is an instant explosion of energy that can cost millions in damage in a single occurrence.

Arc flash innovation

An arc fault causes a low-impedance connection through the air to an electrical system voltage phase or air to ground. It can be described as a short circuit occurring through the air. The devastating effects of an arc fault include:

  • Injury or death to the worker
  • Equipment loss and damage
  • The vaporization of metals
  • Plasma or molten metal explosions
  • Extreme temperatures in the thousands of degrees resulting in fires and burns

Industries that use electrical equipment are subject to the harmful effects of arc faults. The hazard is a prevalent risk to those working in the following industries: Wind and solar energy production, electrical utilities, petroleum, food processing and packaging, pulp and paper manufacturing, hospitals, universities, dairy production, bakeries, and breweries.

Why is Arc Flash Protection So Important?

An electrical arc flash is a common hazard, amounting to an average of 30,000 recorded incidents per year, according to Industrial Safety and Hygiene News. The study attributes an estimated 400 fatalities, 2,000 hospitalizations, and 7,000 injuries to arc flash incidents. Equipment failure and general negligence are the most common causes of an arc flash. Common points of failure that may result in an arc flash is improperly maintained arc flash protection, such as equipment with deteriorating insulation, poor maintenance and improper procedures.

The damaging effects of an arc flash can include:

  • Permanent or temporary eye damage from a blinding and intense pulse of light.
  • Burns from a quick flash of extreme heat burning people and objects in its path with temperatures greater than 35,000 °F.
  • Hearing loss and ear damage from intense sound waves reaching 140-decibel highs.
  • Knocking over employees and equipment with up to 2,000 pounds of pressure per square foot.
  • Lung damage from toxic fumes emitted in the explosion.

Will Arc Flash PPE Continue to Innovate?

Innovation is of the utmost importance for suppliers and manufacturers of arc flash PPE. We have a diverse product line of arc flash safety equipment to deliver optimal protection. Our arc flash PPE is always improving to meet the expectations of customers and the needs of electrical workers.

We offer equipment to protect from arc flash injuries from vaporization, discharge of energy, extreme heat, plasma, molten metal, chemical splash, and high impact forces. You can rely on innovative equipment made by experienced designers using high-quality manufacturing processes to produce dependable performance products.

Our innovative solutions come from focusing on customer needs and expectations. We develop our products by understanding the needs of the customer and creating arc flash PPE that conforms to safety practices while protecting customers from occupational hazards. We strive to design equipment that is durable, safe, functional, and comfortable. By tailoring our products to meet the needs and expectations of the worker, our protective equipment motivates employees to wear the right equipment while on the job.

Why Should You Choose Paulson Manufacturing?

At Paulson Manufacturing, our priority has been protecting the workers for over 70 years with industry-leading safety solutions to keep operations efficient and smooth in the electrical industry. We proudly manufacture our equipment in the USA to assure quality and deliver durable, long-lasting solutions. Our equipment meets NFPA 70E guidelines for job site dangers and electrical protection in high-risk environments, including hazards like arc flash. Our products are tested to meet international and U.S. standards.

The Paulson Manufacturing team provides industries worldwide with a full range of services, from development and manufacturing to distribution. We provide research and development, prototyping, injection molding, machining, tooling, and coating services as your single source for creating production runs.

Reduce the risk to employees and costly damages associated with arc flash by choosing the right protection from Paulson Manufacturing. Our arc flash equipment is made 100% in the USA to the highest standards with innovative safety measures and a focus on the worker’s needs. Contact us to speak with our equipment specialists and learn more about the solutions we offer for improving safety and operations in the electrical industry.

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