In recent years, climbing-style safety helmets have become increasingly popular in the United States for use in industrial applications due to their more modern, less cumbersome design. These types of safety helmets feature lower profiles, advanced membrane systems and chin straps for increased protection, are more suitable for working in confined spaces, and offer better side and back impact protection. However, since these helmets are relatively new for industrial applications, many do not offer sufficient face protection accessories, particularly with severe industrial applications.

To address this issue, Paulson Manufacturing is proud to launch a new line of face shields that are compatible with climbing-style safety helmets and are designed to withstand severe industrial climates. Our weight-compensating face shields offer a solution for nearly every safety helmet manufacturer, including Kask® and Petzl® climbing helmet brands.

Features & Benefits

Our face shield solutions for climbing-style safety helmets are designed to keep the wearer comfortable and protected, and for ease of use. Some of the key features and benefits of our full suite of face shields include:

Weight-Compensating Bracket

The weight-compensating design of our face shield bracket is unique in that the position of the bracket centers the weight of the face shield above the head when in the stowed position, minimizing the weight imbalance felt from traditional face shields.

Another benefit is that they are ideal for working in tight or confined spaces due to the adjusted pivot point of the bracket. This design prevents the end of the face shield from extending past the front of the safety helmet and brings the shield closer to the top of the safety helmet when stowed, allowing for a more compact profile

Weight Compensating Bracket

Safety Helmet Compatibility

With the transition from traditional safety helmets to climbing-style safety helmets, comes a greater financial investment. Traditional safety helmets are relatively affordable, typically costing between $10 to $50. Climbing safety helmets typically cost well over $100. To make the most of this investment it is important to outfit your climbing helmet with accessories that enhance its performance and can withstand your working conditions.

Our face shields are designed to be compatible not only with most of the major slotted cap safety helmet brands, but also with the major climbing style safety helmet brands, like Kask® and Petzl®. Currently, the only face shields available for these types of helmets are proprietary to the specific brand, and most are not designed for extreme industrial applications. Our face shields are not only compatible with these helmets, but available models for applications such as electrical arc flash protection, chemical splash, radiant heat from molten metal, welding, and more.

Press-to-Release Adapters for Easy Shield Removal

To further maximize your investment, we have designed our weight-compensating brackets with a press-to-release feature that simplifies removal. Typically, these types of adapters have been difficult to remove, making it cumbersome to alternate accessories. The press-to-release feature makes our face shields ideal for dynamic applications in which the wearer may perform several operations (i.e. welding, electrical work, etc.).

Using new slotted adapters, our simplified removal method allows the user to quickly and easily switch out face protection to accommodate the task at hand — from welding shields to arc flash protection, users have more options with Paulson face shields.


As part of our new weight-compensating face shield product line, Paulson Manufacturing offers face protection accessories for many popular climbing-style safety helmet brands, including:

  • Clear, polycarbonate face shields for impact resistance in industrial work
  • Shaded face shields for gas welding and cutting
  • Cobalt blue face shields for protection against glare from molten steel
  • Gold face shields for radiant heat reflection

Learn More About our New Brackets

For 75 years, Paulson Manufacturing has been a leading supplier of critical face and eye protection solutions for industrial professionals and first responders. We strive to provide accessible, reliable, and convenient shielding solutions to our customers while prioritizing comfort, quality, and safety. To learn more about our weight-compensating face shields and accessories, contact us today.

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