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Paulson Heat Reflective Face Shields: What You Need to Know

Workers across many industries require adequate protection from various hazards. Metalized heat reflective face shields offer a protective solution for the facial area, protecting the face and eyes from harmful extreme radiant heat, UV light, and infrared (IR) heat & light.

What Materials are Used in Our Heat Reflective Face Shields?

Paulson metalized heat reflective face shields incorporate one of the following two materials:


Gold is unique for its ability to reflect light while allowing visible light to pass through. Its characteristic yellow hue is right in the middle of the luminous spectrum that the human eye is capable of seeing. The visible light spectrum passes through the  gold coating more easily than the longer red and shorter blue wavelengths of the visible spectrum, resulting in a high level of visible light transmission (VLT).

These same IR-blocking properties also give gold heat-blocking characteristics. The amount of heat flux an energy source radiates depends on its temperature and mass. For example, a larger casting pot containing molten metal at 1,500° F radiates more energy than a smaller crucible of metal at 2,000° F. Because heat mostly radiates through the IR spectrum, it can be reflected by gold coatings.

Aluminized Film

Aluminized face shields provide almost the same amount of heat-shielding as gold in most cases, but at a more affordable price point. Our aluminized heat reflective face shields are made of polycarbonate with an aluminized surface. Although only available with a clear base resin, aluminized face shields offer a more cost-effective alternative to gold face shields in applications where durability is less of a concern.


What are Some of the Various Types of Reflective Face Shields Paulson Manufactures?

At Paulson, we offer the following types of metalized heat reflective face shields:

  • Gold Hard Coated Clear Shields. Designed for high-heat mill and foundry operations, our gold hard coated clear shields are made with injection-molded clear polycarbonate face shield with 99.99% gold and protective hard coating on the exterior. Popular models include: IM14-GHC12F, IM20-GHC6F and IM22-GHC6F.
  • Gold Hard Coated Green Face Shields. For brighter conditions that require more reduction in visible light, we offer gold hard coated medium green face shields. These injection molded green polycarbonate shields feature the same gold hard coating as the gold coated clear shields. Popular models include: IM13-GHC8FM, IM20-GHC6FM and IM20-XGHC6FD.
  • Aluminized Face Shields. Our aluminized heat reflective face shields are made by carefully laminating aluminized film onto flat clear polycarbonate material. Our S72-L4HR and S73-L4HR aluminized face shields have a universal hole pattern to adapt to a wide range of headgear and cap & hat brackets. Ideal for “lower temp” high heat applications such as aluminum casting or glass blowing. Typically cost about half as much as our gold hard coated shields.
  • QuickView™ Flip-Front Face Shields: For dynamic work environments, the QuickView™ enables the worker to easily flip the gold hard coated front visor up or down as needed, while still having the impact protection of a clear polycarbonate full face shield underneath. This product can be easily attached to a face shield and cap bracket, with gold hard coated front visors available in 4 inch and 6 inch lengths.

Why Should You Choose Paulson Manufacturing for Your Heat Reflective Face Shield Needs?

For 75 years, Paulson Manufacturing has built a reputation for designing and providing high-performance PPE solutions for the most demanding work environments. With the highest quality material, backed by our longstanding commitment to advanced materials science and innovation, our gold harc coated and aluminized high heat reflective face shields meet all relevant industry standards, including ANSI Z87.1+. We can also produce these heat reflective face shields with different tints and other features to meet your specific needs. 

Heat Reflective Face Shields from Paulson Manufacturing

Paulson Manufacturing proudly advances worker safety with reliable, high-quality heat reflective face shields. To learn more about our products, contact us today. We are eager to serve you and your company by ensuring the safety, comfort and efficiency of your employees with our long-lasting and industry-leading PPE solutions.

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