At Paulson Mfg., we pride ourselves as experts in the field of transparent face & eye protection for industrial workers. Over the years and decades, we have developed and produced face shields for a wide variety of severe industrial applications, including arc flash protection, radiant heat protection and chemical splash protection, as well as general protection from impact and debris.

However, there are many industrial work environments that are dynamic in nature, and a worker may need several different types of face protection within a single shift. For example, a shipbuilder might be machining or grinding one minute, and welding the next. A steelworker might need the high visibility of a clear face shield for some applications, and the radiant heat protection of a gold coated face shield for other applications. Dynamic work environments like these were the driving force behind the development of our QuickView™ line of flip-front face shields.

Flip-Front Outer Face Shield - 6


QuickView™ Flip-Front Face Shields: An Overview

The concept behind the QuickView™ line of flip-front face shields is simple—provide a base clear face shield for general protection and high visibility and attach an outer flip-front shield that can be deployed for specific tasks such as gas cutting & welding or molten metal operations. The type and size of outer-flip-front shield will depend on the task being performed.


The QuickView™ line of flip-front face shields for dynamic work environments contain 3 basic elements—the clear polycarbonate base face shield, a flip-front outer face shield attachment and cap bracket to attach to a hardhat. These are available in the following varieties:

The Paulson Rundown
The clear base face shield is made from durable polycarbonate, which performs excellent against both high temperature and high impact hazards. Each shield is injection molded to shape, allowing for optimal durability and superior optics.

The gold flip-front face shield attachments are for protection against extreme radiant heat commonly found in molten metal facilities. Many of these facilities tend to be somewhat dark inside. The base face shield offers great visibility when needed, while the gold outer shield can be deployed when facing a furnace or other heat source.

The shade 3 & 5 green flip-front face shield attachments are for gas cutting & welding applications, while the shade 5 cobalt blue attachment provides excellent eye protection from the bright “sodium line” produced by molten metal slag.Flip-Front Face Shield


Innovation in Face Protection

Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Paulson Mfg. We are known across the globe for our commitment to extensive R&D, materials science, and customer-driven PPE solutions. The QuickView™ line of flip-front face shields is a great example of this innovation, as it considers the fluid nature of many industrial applications where a worker may need multiple types of face protection in a single shift. For more information, please contact us today.

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